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Brevard County Solar Panels

...are simply the best! 


Our systems are not always the cheapest you can buy, but they are the best.   Here's why:

  • We use the highest quality materials we can find, from roof to tank.
  • We have the highest quality installations around.
  • Our collectors are made in the U.S.  In fact, they are made in Jacksonville!  You can be sure our manufacturer, AET, knows how to build collectors that withstand the Florida environment.  They are wind-rated to 180mph, and this includes the mounting.  We do not use foreign-made collectors.
  • Our tanks are from Rheem.  They have the highest insulation value available (R17.3) and last the longest.
  • We uses the best circulation pump we can find.  Check out Laing D5 solar pumps: 
  • NEW! Coming soon!  Only from Brevard Solar: our patent pending freeze protection and differential control for DC-powered solar water heating systems.  This is a revolutionary improvement for DC systems.  See below for more information...
  • We use a continuous run of flexible copper through enclosed and inaccessible spaces, such as attics and crawl spaces.  This insures you will never have any leaks inside your house - for the life of your system!
  • Every roof pentration is sealed for life.  The plumbing passes through flashings that are simply bulletproof.  The collector itself is permanently secured to the trusses in your roof structure.  
  • Our mixing valve is the highest quality available.  Some companies do not even offer a mixing valve as part of their package.  This is a dangerous practice because solar-heated water can reach temperatures in excess of 165 degrees!  
  • Check out the quality of our valves.  Every valve, from air vents to vacuum valves to ball valves, is the highest quality we can find.  Sure, we can save money and use cheaper valves...but we don't want to.
  • Our installations are second to none.  We have an industry-leading 2-year warranty (in writing) for the entire system, parts and labor.  Additonally, we warrant your roof to be leak-free for as long as the system is up there!  Who else offers this kind of assurance?


Revolutionary controls for your solar water heater.  Our patent-pending Solar Collector Freeze Protection with Differential Control (we know, that's a mouthful!  We will call it SCFP/D) have made all other control systems obsolete.  Here's why this system is so effective.

In this part of Florida we have very few freezing nights.  This allows us to use open loop, DC powered solar water heating systems.  Some advantages of DC-powered solar systems:

  • circulation pump is powered by the sun
  • use ZERO energy in heating water
  • hot water even in the event of power outages 

Open loop simply means that potable water, rather than some heat exchange medium such as glycol, flows through your solar system.  Some advantages of open loop systems:

  • roughly 15% more efficient than their closed loop counterparts
  • cost thousands of dollars less
  • replacement parts are cheaper
  • the systems are less complex
  • they take up less space in your house or garage

The downside to open loop DC systems has been the necessity to provide freeze protection that will work reliably for decades but work only several times a year.  A freeze situation is very costly.  Freeze valves are not fail-safe; when they fail, they do not always fail "open" so you don't know when they aren't working.  It is the worst possible scenario: you believe your system is protected from freezing when, in fact, it is not.  Now there is relief.   

Our patent-pending system offers the reliability of solid-state electronics with the safety and convenience found in DC-powered solar heating systems.  Here are some of the distinct advantages:

  • solid-state electronics last the life of the system
  • never replace unreliable and expensive freeze valves again
  • reliability unmatched in any other system
  • your solar water heater will now work on any of three power sources: DC from PV panel (primary operational mode), AC from wall outlet (for freeze protection at night), or battery backup (for freeze protection in the event of power failure)
  • differential control of solar heater...see below for more information
  • over-temperature protection of system built in; user/installer selectable
  • vastly improved system evaluation and troubleshooting
  • know at a glance what your system is doing 

It is clear to see that our freeze protection system is far better than anything else available on the market today! 



Integrated with our freeze protection is differential control of the operation of your solar water heater.  A differential controller will sense the temperature at the collector and compare it with the temperature of the water in your tank.  When enough solar energy is available to actually add heat to the water, the system will turn on; otherwise, it remains in "watch" mode.  While there are other DC differential control units on the market today, none combines all the features of safety, reliability, and simplicity of operation as ours.  See some of the advantages:

  • increased system performance: up to 25% more heat
  • increased water temperatures: water will be hotter in your tank, more energy storage
  • standard DC-powered solar water heaters will not work on overcast days.  With the SCFP/D, your system will cycle on and off all day, gathering heat while others remain dormant.
  • After a full day of operation, standard systems will actually lose heat to the air.  Our system will automatically stop circulation and heat loss during these conditions.
  • standard systems can operate too early in the morning, cooling your water.  The SCFP/D will only operate when your solar heater will actually heat your water.
  • overtemperature protection, if enabled, will automatically shut off your system when temperatures in your storage tank get too high.  This will help protect system components. 
  • The SCFP/D will automatically "choose" the right power option for every condition: DC power during normal operation, AC power during period of cloud cover, or battery power (optional) during power outages.
  • AC power consumes a mere 9W during operation (using a Laing DC pump).

It is clear to see that the SCFP/D is a revolutionary improvement to "standard" solar water heating systems.  These units can be retrofit on any solar water heater or included in new installations.  We have dozens of these systems in the field and they are working great.  Call us for more information.


For the best the industry has to offer, call Brevard Solar when you decide to Go Solar for your water heating needs!

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